Sword of Legends




A fun role-playing and platform adventure game


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Sword of Legends is a game that combines elements of action, platform, and role playing games (RPG), to offer a different experience from most traditional RPG's, albeit with a look that will take you back to the 16 bit era.

The player takes on the role of Adon, a simple warrior from a small town who embarks on an adventure that will lead him to explore many different locations in the amazing medieval fantasy world he lives in.

Now, the Sword of Legends story and characters are minor aspects, the most interesting aspect of the game is the number of actions you'll be able to carry out with the protagonist. Adon not only jumps and attacks using his sword; he can also carry out dozens of special movements.

Sliding along the ground to go through small holes, demolishing walls with sword-at-the-ready charges, falling with the sword facing downwards to break the ground... and several other sword techniques you'll learn along the way.

Apart from all the techniques, Adon can count on several different artifacts to aid him (much like in the Castlevania games) in jumping higher, or diving for longer, etc. Of course you will also be equipped with several different swords and shields.

Sword of Legends is a very fun two dimensional role playing game that goes well beyond simply offering a nostalgic look, to offering a truly amazing game.